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Mobile application
Dec. 9, 2013

Mobile application
Not even 30 years ago all travelers traveling along had to pull over and fold out their paper map to get direction on where to go. Just a few years ago we put away paper maps and carried a little box/GPS that talked direction. Today there are lots of mobile application that give us more information in direction and what we should expect when we get there. Google maps is one of the leading mobile applications on traveling. This report is going to go over who uses this application, how it’s used to what can enhance the application.
Who use Google Maps
Google Maps mobile application is free so a lot of people use it. Some phones come with Google Maps already downloaded. Google Maps is an app that everybody can use at least once in their life time. Who do not travel, who do not go somewhere and do not get lost? So to say Google maps is one on the most useful app out there.
What is Google Maps
Google Maps is more than just a GPS or a guide to where a person has to go. Google Maps can give voice direction while driving, let a person know how long it should take him or her to get to their destination and know when rest stops is approaching. It has features like share your favorite restaurants and shopping places with family and friends. Google Maps has feature that will never be found on a paper map. Google offer indoor maps of national establishments, 3d maps and real street maps. Real street maps have views of the house on the street or a view of what store is on the corner.
How it used
Google Maps app is very simple to use. Once the app is downloaded turn on the GPS so the app has a current location, enter the destination and press direction. It has options from driving, walking and bus to be more accurate on how much time it will take. Google maps help people with the fear of getting lost. As long as there a charge on the phone there direction to anyplace.
A major benefit of Google Maps is always able to get direction to anywhere. The ability to find new places to go and share the latest place visited. Google Maps has the ability to see real photo of streets in other countries and indoor flooring of public gatherings. In the New York time the author stated,” It has 26 million miles of guidance in 187 countries” (New York Times,Pogue’s Post, paragh 7).
Personal use
It been plenty of time goggles maps came in handy. One time dropping a friend off in Toledo the first time going to Toledo on the way back Google Maps save me. Another