Moby Dick Letter Essay

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Moby Dick Letter

Dear Captain Ahab, There have been rumors going around the ship that we are continuing to look for the Great White Whale, Moby Dick. You are respected greatly but this conflict is starting to get out of hand. We must discontinue our search and go back to land because you are starting to become obsessed with this hunt and that will lead to chaos, it is getting too dangerous for the crew, and you are doing this more for vengeance than for the job. To begin with, you were fine at the start of this journey but your obsession with this whale needs to stop. Being obsessed with trying to find Moby Dick is starting to become more of an addiction and addictions can lead to worse things. Think about people who are addicted to alcohol and narcotics, there are some serious effects such as, mood swings, frustration, depression, as well as damage to the brain. Think of this search just as that, at first you want to find the well, then you get obsessed wanting to find it more and more each day and finally you become addicted to it. Look at what it already did to you, you left your family for this stupid and worthless hunt. Stop searching Moby Dick because it is going to cause you more harm than good. Next, you have to look at the fact that it is not just you. You have this whole crew onboard your ship. Our health and safety should be the number one most important thing. Captain Pelleg already warned you as you know, “There’s death in this business.” This means that from the very start this job is extremely dangerous. Why would you want to risk our lives even more? What, because of a whale? That is ridiculous! The last time you encountered this whale you lost a leg. That goes to show that even you know how dangerous this hunt for Moby Dick is. You already know it can easily hurt anyone of us. Other crews and ships have already given up on the search because they know its way too dangerous to move forward. Listen to the advice they gave you, turn back before it’s too late, it’s not worth risking the lives of all these men just to hunt for one whale. In addition to the search being dangerous from the start, because of your last encounter with this animal your judgment has become clouded you are making your decisions