Mock Research Project Proposal

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Mock Research Project Proposal

Deadline for assessment:
12th/13th September
Assessment weighting:

Aims of the assessment:
Deploy accurately established techniques of analysis and enquiry within a discipline
Apply the methods and techniques that they have learnt to review, consolidate, extend and apply their knowledge and understanding, and to initiate and carry out projects

Intended Learning Outcomes covered by this assessment:
Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the following: research project planning and design research ethics project methodology
Identify a research problem, appropriate research design and methods of data collection and analysis
Research and critically analyse literature relevant to a chosen subject area
Propose a research study

Background information:
You must propose your research project before you will be given ethical clearance to carry out your data collection. Your proposal must include an introduction that sets the scene for your research by citing previous literature and providing a rationale and aim. Your proposal must also contain a methodology describing in detail how you will collect and analyse your data.


To undertake research project proposal in the form of a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation.

Introduction: This section needs to be a critical reflection of relevant past literature on the same topic as your research title. You must provide a working title for your study, rationale, aim and hypothesis.

Proposal Methodology: Need to state in the clearest detail possible how you will collect your data. This should include information on research design, participants, equipment, procedures, and data analysis

Time plan: Need to provide a clear time plan for your project. For example, when will you review your literature, when will you recruit subjects, collect data, analyse data etc. This will take the form of a GANTT chart.

Presentation Style: You must aim to give a confident, authoritative and assured presentation demonstrating clear knowledge and understanding of your topic.

Further Assessment details

Presentations must be performed using a PowerPoint presentation using no more than 8 slides. You will have 10 minutes to perform your presentation and you will be penalised if your presentation is significantly over or under the time limit. Following your presentation you will be subjected to 5 minutes of questioning by the session chair.

Knowledge and Understanding of Concepts and the use of literature (K&U)

>70%: Excellent coverage of the main concepts and theories dealt with in the module, offering sophisticated or original insights, whilst integrating information from a wide range of relevant and possibly disparate literature.

60-69%: Comprehensive awareness of problems and insights at the forefront of the main concepts and theories dealt with in the module, whilst integrating information from a range of relevant literature.

50-59%: Sound understanding of relevant knowledge; good identification, selection and understanding of key issues with some detail surrounding current insights in the topic area supported with adequate sources of literature.

40-49%: Basic understanding of the concepts and theories dealt with in the module, but lacked identification of issues, with limited literature used.

30-39%: Poor understanding of the general subject area minimal reading and sources of information consulted.

<29%: Little or no evidence of understanding of the main concept and theories dealt with in the module, with inadequate resourcing of information.

Planning and Implementation of research investigation (PIR)

>70%: The research question(s) is/are clear and operational definitions fully specified; data collection method is justified with detailed evaluation of alternatives; both reliability and validity are evaluated; presentations of findings are clear and thorough; conclusions are drawn and evaluated.

60-69%: Research