Mock Analisies - Listening Foundation 2011 Essay

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Student analysis of mock examinations 2009

Subject: Spanish Paper: Listening test foundation 2011

The purposes of the mock examinations are: • to help you think about which parts of the syllabus need to be a priority for you in your revision • to help you be clearer about what more you need to know, understand and do in order to improve your grade • to give you practice at answering examination questions and to help you understand how to answer a question in the best way • to help your teachers be clear what specific parts of the syllabus they need to revise with you in more depth

Your teachers are doing an analysis of the mock exam papers, but it is also important that you also undertake your own analysis.

This table sets out each question on the paper.

Please complete this table for each question that you answered.
When you have completed this, share your responses with a partner. ( Are there any questions you both found hard? Were you reasons the same?)

Your teacher will then discuss this with you.

1. Review of your mock exam answers

|Question |What was your mark for this |Did you find this question hard or straightforward to |Why do you think this was? |
| |question? |answer? | |
|One |4/4 |Straight forward |I understood the vocab |
|Two |3/3 |Straight forward |The vocab was straight forward |
|Three |4/4 |Straight forward |The information was clear as I wrote down words when I |
| | | |was going through my paper |
|Four |2/3 |Both part a and b were quite straight forward part c was |Part c of the question was a bit too fast for me I didn’t|
| | |more difficult |pick up the information as quickly as the others I need |
| | | |to practice more by using Kerboodle more often, and go to|
| | | |AQA website and do past papers. |
|Five |0/4 |Hard |I did not understand any of the vocab and it was said too|
| | | |fast (gardener – jardinero, tour guide - guía de turismo)|
| | | |practice my listening skills and do more listening exams |
|Six |3/3 |Straight forward |The question was easy for me because I learnt the vocab |
|Seven |3/4 |A little hard |I was a bit confused for question 1 because it went too |
| | |