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GCE Applied ICT: Unit 2 the Digital Economy
Section a- Transactional Website
I have chosen to do the website because I think it’s a good example of a transactional website.
Omgfashion was designed 2 years ago, it was run by a couple based in Manchester the couple started with a small boutique shop in Manchester. Then everything into it was set up online. Working from home the couple ran their business just the 2 of them from their living room and after a few months the couple got help from family members, and space was running low. They managed to convert their loft for storage and carried on working from home. Month after month the business was growing before their eyes and they finally decided to get a small warehouse just 1,000 square foot and took on their first staff. Omgfashion sales items that mostly for the age range of 15-35 and they bring on trend fashion at affordable prices

The purpose
The purpose of the shop is to sell affordable clothes in trend for people that are in the age range of 15-35 and if shows that their clothes are mostly for that age range because they sell something a teenager will wear going to a party or out for example the kind of dresses they sale is not something that a old person will wear .The audience is also for women that are looking for good deals and don’t spend much money on clothes. Omgfashion purpose of the online website is to make it easier for customers to shop anytime at home and for their customers to know the latest things in store and to inform them what’s happing with the store. Omgfashion has a USA and Europe delivery that means it also has a USA and Europe audience. This website is obviously targeted towards people living in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Omgfashion is not just only based online; so that its customers. At the side of every can visit the stores to purchase things if they don’t have connection to the internet for online shopping or if people are too scared to buy stuff online, as well as that its customers can also order goods over the telephone.
Omg also have their own blog that give out fashion tips and this shows that they are aim for teenagers because teenagers are mostly the ones that use blogs

The structure and Navigation
The structure of the website is easy to use and its clear and well set out .The homepage hasn’t got allot of numerous navigation tools and it’s very hard to find the item on the front page if you want to buy the item but overall the page is easy to use and has a good combination of text but the pictures are not set out very good and the structure isn’t the best and most things are clashing.

Omgfashion is structured to make it easy to use the website and to find the item you looking. It has the title at the top of the home page and tab navigation of the items they sell and it has a primary location for search ,shopping cart to make it easier to locate the item that the customer is looking for , It could be improved it by changing the front .the website doesn’t have many hyperlink I tried clicking on the picture on the homepage to see if it would take me to the item but it doesn’t so and I think that should be added and that’s one of my improvements for the website .Omgfashion colour scheme is mostly pink and black and I think it would look better if they used more colours because at the moment the website looks plain and boring .The structure of the website is not that effective because it is plain and it’s something that you would see a lot in different websites . I would improve it by changing the frame for the website because I think it would look better if it was more organised and a different layout.

The navigation of the overall website is a good it is clear and easy see sales that stand out, the use of a larger font makes parts of the webpage stand out and grab the users attention. The structure and navigation of the site is relatively easy