Mock Spanish Article Analysis

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This article focuses on studying Mock Spanish and the interactions between monolingual Spanish speakers and Anglo within a restaurant. Mock Spanish usually carries negative aspect and it is a non-standard Spanish often used by Anglo due to racist stereotypes toward Latinos and also to create "white public space". The interactions that provided in this article can show the social inequality through communication.
Mock Spanish as linguistic appropriation
Mock Spanish and other mock varieties share common traits, they all have reduced grammar of the mocked variety, which produce racism toward the individuals who uses specific language. And most of the speaker of mocked varieties see themselves as being humorous rather than racist. Furthermore, the pattern of Mock Spanish and AAE are quite similar, and both of them are seen as appropriation rather than a form of overt mocking. Bucholtz also suggests that recently, young white speakers submit Mock Spanish or AAE terms onto to make them appropriate or new slang terms.
Chalupatown Restaurant
Chalupatown is a Anglo-owned Mexican restaurant in Texas. Barrett worked as a bartender there and his research is focused on the employees' interactions in terms of ethnography of speaking in
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Because they would lose their job for not able to respond to directives. Since most of the Anglo workers did not pay attention to Spanish speakers' conversation, Spanish became a solidarity marker for the Latino employees. They would talk about Anglo workers in Spanish, discussed who is a good person or racist person. They also have nicknames for the Anglo employees, and pretend not to understand directives to avoid extra works. The ways Latino use of Spanish create resistance and solidarity space for them, and allow them to talk whatever, whenever they