Mock Trial Plaintif Closing Arguments 2014 Essay

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Good evening Your Honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, and opposing counsel. Tonight you heard the testimony and evidence in Roughed Grouse High School's attempt to hide, justify, and deny their negligent actions. In order to prove Roughed Grouse High School's negligence resulting in the death of Jordan Simon, I, along with my co-counsel, had to prove our case, not beyond a reasonable doubt, but simply by a preponderance of evidence. In other words, if you were to put the evidence favoring the case of the plaintiff and evidence favorable to the defendant on a scale, we the plaintiff would have to make the scales tip ever so slightly in our favor. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have done just that. We have proved to you tonight …show more content…
Coach Swift, however, neglected to be concerned for the safety of his athlete. He instead jabbed fingers and went off about what he was really concerned with: her results. You heard tonight about the influence Coach Swift had on Jordan. She absolutely idolized him. He had the power to steer Jordan in the right direction, but terribly and tragically neglected to do so.

Last, you heard from Kelly Simon herself. You heard testimony that Ms. Simon wanted only the best for her daughter. Ms. Simon trusted Coach Terry Swift and athletic director Jamie Hagar to provide that, which they so horribly neglected to do. The defendant has tried to blame Ms. Simon for putting too much pressure on Jordan to do well, forcing Jordan into using EPO to please her. While Ms. Simon believed in Jordan's ability and pushed her to do her best, ladies and gentlemen, it was Coach Swift who pressured her even more so. Ms. Simon testified that Jordan would often come home complaining about the pressure Terry Swift put on her. Mr. Swift even went as far as to put Jordan's education on the line by threatening to take away her scholarship if her times didn't improve. Ms. Simon did what she could to help Jordan reach her potential naturally. She trained with her at home, encouraged healthy supplements, and when she became concerned, she confronted her daughter and her friends. When Mr. Swift was made aware of