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Grade 9 Essay-To Kill a Mockingbird
It is said that it is the parents' influence that shape a child's view on his or her surroundings and habits. When asked why, it is a parent who spends a lot of time with a child, so it is them who influences the child, let it be good or bad. To kill a Mockingbird, is a testament of how a parent's influence effects the view of a child and portrays them to the world. In society, whether a child is good or bad depends on the parent who influences that child. For example, Justin Beiger, leading singer has stated that it is his mother who encouraged him and set a good model for him and that is why he has become a successful celebrity and has become a role model to many people in society. In the novel, we witness the influence of several parents on their children and how that effects the children. In Mockingbird, Scout and Jem are well brought up. This is due to the proper raising of Atticus, their father, as he is their only parent. Atticus is a good father to his children, Jem and Scout. He teaches them to be truthful, to be non-violent and he understands them. In this novel, we view how an honest father raises his children in a proper way and acts as a role model to all parents in both the society of To kill a Mockingbird and in today's society.
Atticus is a good father since he teaches his children to be truthful and honest at all times by being honest to them. Atticus always follows this. He answers all of the questions that the children ask him, even if it is a very uncomfortable topic for a regular father to talk to his kids. He also believes that his children should be aware of the events going on around them as they are bound to be effected by the events as they come closer to the trial of Tom Robinson. When Jack Finch tells Atticus about how he avoided Scout's question about what a whore lady was, he tells him that when a child asks you a question, to answer truthfully. Atticus also understands children's curiosity will only be kindled if their questions are not answered. Another incident in which Atticus proves that he is truthful despite the situation is when Scout asks Atticus, her father what rape was and Atticus responding truthfully. An ordinary father would never even think of answering this question and a regular child being so free with a father was extremely rare and was considered ill-breeding. Atticus also does not wish to hide the truth about the Tom Robinson trial from his children. He tells them openly about the reason to why he is defending Tom Robinson, a negro. He tells them that he will not win and that there will be trouble from the town concerning this. He tells the truth so that his children will always do so as well. Atticus Finch is a true symbol of honesty. He is an amazing father as he sets a fine example for his children.
Secondly, Atticus can be said to be a good father as he teaches his children to not use violence as a way to solve problems. He says, follows and demonstrates this to his children at all times. Not even once during the novel, Atticus has been violent. Scout or Jem have never been whipped by Atticus in their entire life. Though this is against the law and is considered a criminal offence in the society today, back in the 1930's, this was considered as a regular punishment like grounding a child. Atticus teaches his children to be non-violent right then. If you tell a child to not be aggressive and violent, and then you proceed being violent, the child will obviously loose respect in you and then think that it is alright to be violent. Atticus tells Scout to not be violent when she beats Cecil when he calls Atticus a Nigger-lover. Atticus is however only worried about Scout being violent and says not to say Nigger as it is a impolite term for African-Americans. Scout avoids violence as she realizes that if it will keep Atticus happy then it is worth being called a coward. Atticus also resists to violence when Bob Ewell spits on his face