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Elizabeth George
Intro to Geology
Mod 1 Assignment

1. Geology is the study of our planet Earth, the moon, the different planets and even the stars in the solar system. s 2. There are many different ways that geology affects us in our everyday lives. First of all, geology makes up the ground and soil on which we live. It makes up the buildings and roads that we build. All of our water sources flow below the grounds surface. We are exposed to natural hazards such as hurricanes, volcanic irruptions, and tornadoes. We have raw materials, which our earth makes and are thought of as a valuable good. Some of these things include graphite in pencils, lead in batteries, and salt on the dinner table.

3. The core is the very middle of the Earth. It's molten hot lava and it supplies the heat for convection in the mantle. The mantle is above the core and surrounds it. It compromises about 83% of the Earth's volume. It's less dense than the core and is thought to be mostly composed of peridotite, which is a dark dense igneous rock. It has three different sections based on location; the asthenosphere, the magma, and the lithosphere. Lastly, there is the crust, earth's outermost layer. It consists of two different types, the continental and the oceanic crust.

4. The rock cycle is a little complex but it's pretty simple as well. A rock is an aggregate of minerals, which are natural occurring, inorganic, crystalline solids. The rock cycle is the reformation and destruction of rocks as a consequence of earth's internal and surface changes. The main goal of the rock cycle is showing how the three main rock groups are correlated to each other. Igneous rocks first result when magma crystallize, or when volcanic ash consolidate. As