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Trident University

Doryce Garcia

Module 2 SLP Assignment

MGT501: Management and Organizational Behavior

Dr. Peter Haried

10 November 2014

For this assignment I will begin this paper with explaining the Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myer’s typology personality test which is called, HumanMetrics Jung Typology Test. Second, I will explain my results as interpreted by Marina Heiss. The test revealed that I was the four letter type formula personality type of INTJ and I will break down what the meaning of that was. Lastly, I will discuss what my personality type affected in terms of my career paths, my decision making, and what the test revealed about me overall.

After taking the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test my preferences were, Introvert (56%), Intuitive (31%), Thinking (62%), and Judging (56%), the four type code was INTJ. The test revealed traits I feel are accurate in some ways, but in other ways I don’t feel I could relate. The test revealed that I have self-confidence, but that could be mistaken for arrogance. I come across as confident in what I know and if I can help in any situation I am honest enough to let you know. I’m very straight-forward and know my strengths and weaknesses. The test also revealed that I was a perfectionist and I like to improve on everything I come in contact with that gets my interest. Traits like independence, imagination, reliability, reasonability, directness, and critical decision making skills were strong traits noticed in the test. Another trait brought out by this test was that I don’t like conforming to norms. I like structure and organization and I tend to want to learn about everything. I’m always seeking out opportunities. In my personal relationships, the test revealed this as my biggest weakness. I can care about people, and I do spend time in working on relationships, but my knowledge and self-confidence can mislead me in situations. This weakness leads to other weaknesses like not engaging in social rituals, my lack of patience and not understanding things like small talk or flirtations. I am a private person which makes me misunderstood. Another problem the test revealed is that I want people to “make sense”. My stronger traits the test revealed were the ability to be intuitive and my willingness to work at a personal relationship to make it a successful one.

My personality type affects my career and my effectiveness at my job in certain circumstances. Working with certain coworkers at my job is challenging. They get really irritating to the point that I can’t stand to be around them. These certain people tend to be from another planet to me. They approach things very differently and I sometimes wonder how their mind works. If I could understand where they were coming from I might be able to get along with them much easier. I believe my personality plays a big part in how I view others, gather information, tackle problems, or organize my life. Myers Briggs, the 1920s psychologist, developed Jungian theory to analyze personality types. She believed that a team that includes a broad range of personality types is often better able to function well together. She came up with four ‘dichotomies' that explain why we often have difficulty understanding colleagues whose personalities differ significantly from our own.

My personality defines the person I am and who I want to be. It reveals my strengths and weaknesses. Both of these are important in the development of my life and and practice in art. I can see that by taking the test I react to other people focusing on their feelings, although this could hinder me as I will be drawn to helping others over completing my own work. Helping others always helps you to progress in your work, you learn from them as much as they learn from you. Also with my tendency to not think things entirely through and just go with what I believe in, it might be good to