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Week 3 Vilma Hernandez
Module 2: Turn Right For Consumer Savvy

Assignment 1: Advertising—The Right Turns Work File

1. BUYER BEWARE is a common phrase consumers often hear. When should a potential buyer be on the alert, as far as advertising is concerned? Please place answers in the numbered list located below the sentences. Site 1(1). Beware of scientific breakthroughs without credits given to medical schools, journals, or howspitals.2. Beware of health care products that claim to be effective for a large variety of ailments.3. Beware of products whose benefits seem too good to be true.4. Beware of products whose health care consultants sell the product door to door.

Guided reading activity

A. Be careful of products whose __1__ seem too good to be ___2__.
B. When ___3___ products claim to be effective for a large variety of __4__.
C. A ___5___ is a person that promotes or sells ___6___ or harmful health care products or ___7___.
D. Legitimate health care products should give credit to __8___, journals or ___9____.
E. Beware of the ___10___ concept often sold to older people promising youthful appearance.

Directions: Fill in the corresponding blanks below with the correct answer from the paragraph above. (2 points per answer)

1. Benefits.
2. True.
3. Health care.
4. Alilments.
5. Quack.
6. Ineffective.
7. Services.
8. Medical School.
9. Hospitals.
10. Fontain-of-younth

2. Look at various TV, magazine, and other ads and choose one example of any two of the types of advertising and one example of the techniques of advertising. (Site 2) Please follow the example below as you fill in the chart.
Advertisement Example
Media Source?
Brand Name/Product?
Babcock Furniture
Basic Message?
Buying furniture fast & easy/more time for family to be together
Type/Technique Used?
Just Plain Folks
How Persuasive? (1=yawn, 5=I am sold on this product
Possible negative health consequences (physical or mental) sustained through product purchase or use?
Debt, allergies, un-for-seen repairs, arguments over food eaten on new furniture…etc.

3. Fill in the chart below. Numbers in the chart represent points per answer. (39 points total)
Ad #1
Ad #2
Ad #3
Media Source?
Stores cvs 3
TV 3
Internet 3
Brand Name/Product?
Palmers Stretch Marks 2
Proactiv 2
Shoes 2
Basic Message?
Palmer's helps reduce the appearan-ce of stretch marks. 3
Special products designed for acne-pron skin to keep your skin clear. 3 you cost could be $24.99 instead of $54.99.. 3
Technique/Type Used
Scientific evidience appeal. 2 just plain folks appeal. 2
Jennifer lopez 2
Information found on Site 2

How Persuasive? one for the half of 2...1
4 for only for 59.95$ 1
Buy 2..1
Possible negative health consequences (physical or mental) sustained through product purchase or use? avoid in the eyes. 2 if excessive skin irritatin develops or increase, discontinue use and consutl a doctor. 2 warnig: invalid argument supplied or foreach. 2

Application of knowledge

Answer the questions below

4. Discuss two personal experiences in which you purchased a worthless, ineffective, or defective product or service and why that product was worthless, ineffective, or defective. (5 each – 20 total) a. Product Name: