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Thomas Smith
EDU 225
Jon Finch
Technology Ethics in the Classroom

There are several types of internets used in today’s classroom. When coming to the internet schools have to look at what the internet can really do and what types of things students can pull up on it. Internet security is taught at all schools to let the students know how this can protect them, keep them from doing bad things that aren’t educational, and not doing illegal copyrighting that can cause the school lots of trouble. “Internet safety isn’t about a bunch of rules telling you “never do this”, or trying to scare you into safe behavior. Internet safety is about avoiding being ripped off, disrespected, bullied, scammed, or stalked while you’re just trying to have a good time online. You don’t need to be sold on all the really great opportunities the Internet offers, but you do need to understand how to dodge problems” (Master pg. 1. 2014).
Internet Security in the Classroom
Internet security is a big thing that needs to be used in the classroom when coming to the use of technology. One of the biggest concerns is how will us teacher keep the internet safe enough for the students to use? The internet in all classrooms and schools should have strong security to protect the computers from big virus and to keep students safe from hackers and anything that not going to help them be educational online. One good way to keep students focused and keep the school computer system safe is putting some kind of blocking on certain site that students can’t access. When I was in high school only the teacher could unlock certain site if we needed them, and I think it would be good to use this kind of system in all schools. “Tell your children NOT to put photos of themselves on the Internet or to give out their names, addresses, phone numbers, schools, or other personal information online” ( Nanny Pg. 1. 2014). Also it’s important for students to keep their own personal work protected as well and students should have a password to the computers around the whole school that they can get on the computers in the school with that Id number and password that they shouldn’t share with anyone. I feel like teachers should have some kind of way of looking at what the students are searching on the internet to make sure there not just using it to do other activities, such as Facebook, dating sites, and personal emails.
Copyright and Student Use Agreements
A good way teachers could create a copyright and student user agreement for all grades levels could be documenting or making an Internet Agreement. This way the students and school district are being safe by having some kind of terms and condition. Teachers can use many website to complete getting this done or to guide them to getting an idea of what they should use. With the internet having some many examples of different terms and condition the teacher or school Principal can find one that thinks fits their classroom or district guidelines. When this is issues to students and teachers this agreement means there are certain restrictions that students and teachers have to follow or could have a down fall side to it getting in trouble, kicked out of school, or if it’s the teachers they can get fired not following the Agreement and abusing the internet.
Ethical Practices for Using Technology
Three of the Ethical practices for using technology that I would use in the classroom. One I would making a document form and make it Mandatory for the students to show to their parents and get it sign, this paper would have the information on it about the internet and give how in our school district how we would like to have our students follow and learn internet security. “Giving your children