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Model Parliament­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­- Reflection

1. I believe that steps involved in Canada’s legislative process are an effective process. The numerous steps involved in the legislative acts a filter which filters the suggested bills before passing them to the royal assent. During this process, many changes are made to the bill reflecting the opinions and beliefs of the members of the House of Commons. Due to this process, all the unnecessary enforcements could be reduced to the maximum, and the group affected by the bill, the purpose of the bill could be also changed if the members think that the bill is too punitive. In addition, the members get to vote whether the bill should be passed or not. This confirms whether the bill is a worthy idea or not. As a result, when the law is passed and when it is in action all citizens would be happy.

2. In the present, the media plays both negative and positive roles in a parliamentary democracy. There are incidents where the politicians need the media to release political messages to the public. Media is one of the most popular sources of communication between the politicians and the general public. This method is also used in vice versa, where the politicians acquire messages from the public to inquire their well-being. There also are other moments where the media have played a negative role in politics. A common concern is how the media improvise political issues and comments which act as a negative impact to politicians. By these incidents, the general public hear and believe in false messages. These false messages cause conflict to occur between political parties and between the public. Therefore, I believe that the media should play the role of giving messages from the political level to the public and vice versa.

3. I believe that the Canada’s parliament does represent the youth of Canada. As we proceeded in class, there are bills that are brought to the House of Commons that are in concern about the youth and the safety of youths in Canada. According to my research, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, passed in the recent years, reflects the safety and the security of the youth. It was introduced to reduce youth crime and to ensure safety of all citizens. Furthermore, this Act has tremendously affected the public safety as the number of crime involving youth reduced over the past couple of months after the act was introduced. Therefore, I believe that this example demonstrates the representation of Youth of Canada by the Canadian Parliament. According to my knowledge, the Canadian Parliament, reflects and represents all groups of citizens in Canada regardless of any problem. The parliament and its members have the duty of representing their fellow citizens and to ensure their well-being.

4. Having the privileged to vote is a right given to all individuals that are eligible to vote. It is their responsibility to go the polling station and use the right and vote. I do not believe that all citizens of voting age should vote by law. Canada is a democratic country where every citizen has the freedom to express their opinions and to speak on public issues. If there was to be a law enforced to all voters to vote, then I think that the freedom of people would be broken and conflict may occur. Every…