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CRITERION 1: Evidence you understand the textbook material from lectures 1-3 as it applies to the article, and can explain the article’s implications for the CEO, other staff, or competitors Textbook/lecture material has been misunderstood or is irrelevant to the article. Little or no discussion of implications. Basic understanding of textbook/lecture material as it relates to the article. Limited discussion of implications. SCORE: 17-33 Textbook/lecture ideas well identified and explained in terms of the article. Sound discussion of implications.

SCORE: 0-16

SCORE: 34-50


Comment about assessment criterion 1 (compulsory)

You showed clearly how the issues in the article related to management topics in class. Here is one you may not have thought of. Is there a risk that the unhappy employees who have left Yahoo! and started working for another company will bring Yahoo!’s company secrets to the new firm? This could undermine Yahoo!’s competitive advantage.
CRITERION 2: Ability to communicate effectively through writing Disorganised, unclear. Difficult to follow the argument. Writing could be clearer; it is sometimes difficult to follow the reasoning A well organised, clear, convincing piece of writing

SCORE: 0-5 Comment about assessment criterion 2

SCORE: 6-10

SCORE: 11-15


I could follow the argument easily, thanks to your introduction and headings.
CRITERION 3: Appropriate acknowledgement of ideas you have read elsewhere Extensive plagiarism Some plagiarism All ideas from elsewhere are acknowledged

SCORE: 0-5 Comment about assessment criterion 3

SCORE: 6-10


SCORE: 11-15

You have acknowledged your sources in your essay, but you must have a reference list at the end. The model article shows how to do it.

CRITERION 4: Correctness of writing, ie grammar, punctuation, referencing technique etc

Many errors

Some errors

Few or no errors

SCORE: 0-5

SCORE: 6-10

SCORE: 11-15

Comment about assessment criterion 4 This essay is mostly well