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Only students that have been cleared in Furn 200 IDUS 212 may use the shop
-use only materials that have been approved for use in the Gulfstream shop.
-Approved safety glasses and closed toed shoes MUST be worn whenever in the shop
-power tools may be used only when a shop monitor is on duty.
- Al special set ups must be checked by the instructor or shop monitor before a machine is turned on.
-All accidents and inuusries, no matter how slight, must be reported to an instructor/monitor immediately. wear safe clothing when working in the shop. Fasten or remove loose clothing before you operate any machine. Roll long sleeves above the elbows. hoodie draw strings must be tucked in or removed.
-tie long hair back.
- remove all jewelry that might be able to get caught in machines.
-do not wear gloves when working on power driven machineery.
-keep machine guards in proper position at all times. report all broken or damaged tools to an instructor/monitor immediately.
Overloading or forcing any power driven machine is dangerous.


What is a a model? conceptual models how something will work a model is a physical version of a concept why made a model? to communicate and to learn from, you always must document your process so you have a larger base of information to be presented to a client. information regarding why you made the decisions you did as well as why things can’t be or must be. due to the fact that a concept is really just an idea, you can consider your first model’s ones that you’ve made when you where very young. Playing with play doe is something we all did when we where young, as that was the first expression of an idea that many of us experienced that was likely our first models.

FOAM poly polystyrene with bubbles, that define the density. blue foam comes bigger and is typically easier to work with then pink foam. a typical way to determine whether your models are accurate or not is if they look right in a photo. 80 120 220 grit sand paper, hard tool for smooth curves soft tool for local smoothness. with foam you have some ability to press textures onto the surface of a model. The only adhesive that really works with blue or pink foam is called formula 78 adhesive to stay on schedule for this project you want to be able to make 3 models a day starting with 1 on the first day.
I decided to make the technical drawings on Rhino because i felt confident that i would be able to be able to get them done more accurately and effectienlty then i would have had i drew them.
Before i started this project i made sure to ask a couple upperclassmen for some advice on the drawings, techniques, and scheduling. from what i was told they thought that doing the technical drawings on rhino where a good way of going about it. they also mentioned that the 3 models a day and 1 on the first should be strictly followed as just 3 solid models a day is a tough task. Some upperclassmen mentioned that a lot of students in the past have bitten off more then they can chew by picking very complicated objects too model. So i knew from the get go that simple yet somewhat difficult was most definitely the way to go. right off the bat i was behind schedule. It was the first time i had touched blue foam as a medium so the learning curve was a little past me for the first day. on the second day i completed my first and second model and that time i was 2 models behind. on the third day i began to experiment with new techniques. What i found was that i was spending too much time using the rasp or sanding tools too get where i needed in the rough version of the model and that its better to risk getting to close to the hot wire then to spend an hour sneaking up on your final dimension with sanding tools. Another technique i found very helpful was to find quickly rough out the most completecated profile as part of my roughing stage. i found that if you where to want a flat surface on