Modern America Essay

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Modern American society primarily based on the past and present and worried about the future. The people of America have a broad range of personalities, as any country does, but America, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, where the people can live their lives and not have their freedom taken away. Freedom, a strong word and often misused, separates the country from others. The Society takes for granted what they have; they’re unwilling in many ways, and also in need of materialistic items. America, a country with an inevitable society that cares only about the materialistic. The people of America have a privilege that not many of other countries have, the privilege of freedom. While other countries are being suppressed by a dominating government, America has been governed more for the people, by the people, and by the popular opinion. As a whole, the American society becomes more and more oblivious to what truly happens in the United States of America and also in other countries. People of other nations are being executed for the believing in the wrong religion according to the government, Americans can believe in anything or nothing at all. While the people of other nations are being forced to listen to one over-ruling monarchist, Americans have the freedom to go upon free will and free thinking. Pertaining to the people of America as a whole, they take their most important privilege, along with many others, for granted. Citizens of America, especially the younger generation, tend to feel as if they should have more privilege than they should. Many Americans come across as unwilling to work for what they desire. The people have a hard time helping out in the society, not because they’re bad citizens, but because the way they were brought up. Everyday people in need of help, the help those people receive seems quit shocking when heard of, but only because not many people are willing to do such a great deed. Society has such a privilege that not even the people can accept that into reality.
The word greedy can describe the people of America. This extent of selfishness has an overwhelming disgrace upon the people. In all