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Modern liberalism emerged after multiple events. The continuous democratization of the state was one of them. Another reason was because of all the knowledge that was gained from the Great Depression and WWII. Liberalism was altered and revised after these few events. Liberals became less suspicious of government action and more worried with substantive equality. They believed in a bigger and much stronger government since they were less skeptical about their authority. Liberals also became much more doubtful towards “free-market”. ”FDR’s New Deal signaled a stark change in that government was now seen as responsible for ensuring the economic well-being of the nation and for providing basic material guarantees to citizens.” (PP Modern Liberalism) Liberals believed that the government needed to support citizens with unemployment insurance and social security. They also approved of benefits such as social security and Medicaid. These kind of benefits lead towards bigger spending, which means inherently higher taxes.
Most conservatives believe that people have the right to freely sell their labor to any buyer they choose. They also believed individuals should be able to enter almost any profession they wanted to pursue. Conservatives supported people to sell goods and services for the market as a matter of freedom of exchange. Conservatives believed individuals should have control over their business and property, as spouse to letting government take control enforce restrictions and guidelines. Conservatives did everything in their power to unsure that the