Essay Modern Day Nationalism: China

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The New York Times wrote an article about the wave of Nationalism in China today. The article talks to a specific man named Yang Rui, who is a talk show host in central China. The article mainly focuses on how the Chinese don’t like foreigners. The article gives examples on what the police or the government is doing to lower the number of foreigners. “China’s uncertainties may drive a wave of nationalism.”
The article compares to what we have talked about in class, on how a nation is coming together to force foreigners out. The Chinese do not want foreigners in China because of the disturbance they are causing for the citizens. The article gave examples such as a Russian man putting his bare feet on a chair in the subway and a drunken British tourist doing horrible things to a young Chinese lady. “Behead the snakeheads, the unemployed Americans and Europeans who come to China to make money, traffic in people and mislead the public by encouraging them to emigrate.” This was said by Mr. Yang, about how much they hate foreigners. The police are listening to comments and checking at random spots to make sure no foreigners are breaking the laws. The Beijing police put a 100- day campaign to rid the country of forefingers who are working illegally. Banners, articles, and TV reports are encouraging people to come together to stop foreigners from working illegally in their country. The government is following this Nationalism by making it harder for non-Chinese people to get into the country, making it harder to get visas. The government is now starting to listen a little to their people. Overall, this compares to what we have talked about in call because the people are bringing the nation together to accomplish a goal to help their country and the citizens in the country.
This article has similarities in what we have talked about in class, but it also has differences in what