Modern Day Parent Persuasive Speech

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Are modern day parents struggling? (Debate speech)

Welcome chairperson, opposition, and audience. This house believes that a modern day problem needs to be addressed. Today, the motion is that adults are failing the next generation, and I would like to begin by guaranteeing that everyone of the audience can regret at least one thing as a parent when parenting your child, and I fully understand that parenting is crazy, and it's like circumnavigating the globe without any guidance... but what a journey eh! Although there is no real definition of being a parent, you just use memory, to act accordingly as the right type of parent.

But the current type of parenting is failing everyone's children, which is evident. Opinions have been expressed,
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Shockingly it's almost double. Statistics show Childline receive 2,500 calls a day- where most of the calls are down to physical abuse. Specifically this point makes one strongly determine that adults really have lost the art of raising their children, and what the world we live in is transforming into.

So as a result how are the next generation supposed to get better than this if they are not getting the support from the adults who should be "role models"? The answer is they can't. Adults have formulated their child's wellbeing wrongly. Rachael Carlyle, an expert, reports that children feel pressured to have extra-curricular and academic success and think the hard success feels almost as an obligation. Secondly she thinks 13 is the age where children start to judge themselves and force themselves into stress which in particular is the time where children require
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Even over-parenting shows we have lost the art of adults; Anna Tyzack, an analyst, rightly explains "There are kinds of parenting that we are getting wrong, firstly overprotecting, and over directing. Many parents are doing all three." Mrs Tyzack also went on to say "parents are living in the service of their children and they're worried and disillusioned as a result. They need to reclaim their own lives, and make time for work and hobbies and relationships so they can model a healthy, vibrant, adult life".

This may just conceivably show how much parents expect from their children from a young age these days, which immediately affects the child's early life. Like everything though it can be easily repairable; summer holidays are a good time when parents can become catalysts of their child's development. During this time, remember, children may never listen to you; but worry that they are always watching you and your actions, good or