Modern Day Sir Thomas More (Script Essay)

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Wilshire Boulevard
Two friends are driving in a late-model Toyota Corolla across Los Angeles on Wilshire Boulevard.
ROBERT: Where are we going?
DAVE: I don’t know. I thought we would just drive along Wilshire.
DAVE: I don’t know. I thought it would be fun. Have you ever driven along Wilshire before? Except to go from point A to point B?
The two friends drive along in silence. ROBERT gazes at the sidewalk, interested in the activities that he passes by.
ROBERT: You know what?
DAVE: What?
ROBERT: This city is really sad. There is no one around. No one walks on the streets.
DAVE: Bums. Bums walk along the streets.
ROBERT: They don’t really count, do they?
DAVE: (A beat). Why would ‘bums’ not count? They
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These people are barely getting by. They often work more than one job without security, medical insurance, have multiple children, and do not understand the basics associated with getting ahead in society. Many of these people do not fully understand the concept of university, and few have been lucky to be encouraged by their teachers to pursue higher education.
ROBERT: Dude, all they have to do is go on the internet.
DAVE: Really? And you think they all have the finances to afford a computer and monthly internet services? Come on, I know you were complaining the other day when your cable bill came in the mail and it was over $150 for your TV, phone, and internet. When you’re working at $10 an hour, that would be what, at least 15 hours of work? Two days?
ROBERT: Yeah, but –
DAVE: Come on...these people lack the resources that the middle class and rich have. This strongly impacts their ability to get ahead in life, and helps to strengthen the financial gap between the rich and the poor. Society has been structured to keep the resources away from the poor and to maintain the status quo. This starts in early education and needs to be reformed in order to socialize children through a multicultural education. This would help to bridge tolerance and understanding for others, and would also help to develop adults that are compassionate toward others. Educating children about the importance of education would also significantly help.