Essay on Modern Day Utopia

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While we all like to think America is the perfect place with minimum problems and justice for all, it is not. America has a number of problems the biggest of those being the abuse of welfare, racism, and the ridiculous amount of debt. When welfare was first introduced its sole purpose was to aid the extremely un-wealthy and to meet basic needs. Over the years people have found a countless number of ways to abuse the welfare systems such as selling food stamps, having children to stay on welfare, trading food stamps for drugs, and lying about income for assistance. When on welfare the most sensible and ideal situation would be to have the person out looking for a job instead of racking up on government assistance. Many taxpayers are furious at the fact that their hard earned money goes towards those sponging off of the assistance the government provide. Over the years united welfare expenses have been estimated to jump around from three hundred billion to an astonishing seven hundred billion, per person the price range varies from $1,000 to $2,500. Welfare is one of the main contributions to the US debt and over the years has become more of a nuisance than convenience. Racism is a problem that has been around since biblical times and a problem that everyone is equally affected by. When hearing about racism many people refer back to the 1960’s during a time in America that racism was prominent. The Civil Rights act peaked in the 60’s and was largely caused by racial segregation erupting between whites and blacks. While the movement did result in some positive changes for minorities, many people were furious about the changes. Fifty three years later racism is still very clear. One of the biggest cases of racism to date would be the State of Florida vs. Zimmerman trial. Many say that if Trayvon was white and Zimmerman was black Zimmerman would be in jail without a shadow of a doubt. When first hearing about the case eyebrows were raised but America went into an uproar when the verdict read “not guilty”. Several