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Chanell Butts
Ms. Gutermuth
English 9 Period 7
26 April 2013
Gamer of Serial Killer?

Parents around the globe are trying to ban violent video games. Many parents think that playing violent video games will their kids violent. Violent video games do not make kids violent because depends on a child's mental health, how their parents raised them and their environment.
If a child, teen, or young adult plays violent video games, that does not automatically turn them in to a violent person. Even if a teenager didn't play video games he or she could be violent, it depends on their mental health. Former FBI profiler Mary Ellen O'Toole says, “It's my experience that video games do not cause violence.” (Cushing) Violent Video Games do not create new killers but they may encourage all ready existing ones. Disproving the ‘fact’ that violent video games create violent children. Rob Logan, Ph.D of National Library of Medicine for Donald Lindberg says, “Withdrawn and isolative behavior usually goes undetected or unaddressed until impairment is obvious; at its extreme, it can manifest in a shocking murder and suicide” (Logan) Clearly, children and teens who play video games are not automatically going to be violent. This means that again, the theory of violent video games is disproved. Being raised in a home where a child cannot be helped or raised to the full extent can cause a child or teen to be violent or rebellious. John Moahan Ph.D of the University of Virginia says, “Lack of parental supervision has been consistently related to delinquency, including violent delinquency.” (Moahan) All though violent video games may increase violence it is not the only factor. Poor home or school life can lead a child to violence and delinquency. Violent neighbor hoods or friends can also lead to delinquency. Living in a violent neighbor hood or having friends who constantly make bad decisions can pressure a child teen or young adult to do the same. If a teen grows up in a neighbor hood or school with gangs, there is peer pressure to join them. Dr. Virginia Bishop, assistant professor in pediatrics and preventive medicine at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago says, “Group pressure can override common sense fairly easily for these folks. … Teens tend not to have developed…