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Sitcom Analysis Journal: Modern Family My group chose to analyze third season of the ABC sitcom “Modern Family”, episodes 60, 65 and 66 to evaluate. “Modern Family” is about a family and group of friends that depicts how communications technology has shaped the way people perceive others, even family members. In the episodes that we have chosen there are ten main characters.
Main Character Profiles
Gloria is Jay’s wife and Manny’s mother. She is seen as a very loving wife and mother despite the age difference between her and Jay. Others tend to view her as a gold digger considering that Jay is her main source of income.
Manny is Gloria’s 13 year old son from her first marriage. He is very outgoing and not the least
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Mitchell and Cameron are on the lookout for their next birthmother. When Mitchell leaves to prepare some sparkling cider, Cameron decides to perform another song to prove that he is not pitchy. The song he picks is “If you Leave me Now”, which makes Lindsay emotional and decides to keep her baby. Cameron things that it is his voice that cost them the child, but Mitchell is positive that it was the Baby, please don’t go lyric that convinced her to keep the baby. Phil starts at his new real estate agency and wants to start out by giving a stellar seminar for first-time homebuyers where he will talk about the five keys to investing wisely. Gloria will be in the audience prepared to ask a question that will lead him to his sixth key and then have Haley fire a confetti cannon. Gloria and Haley decide to use some down time to go to the beauty salon where their car gets towed and results in Phil doing the entire presentation solo. Gloria wants Phil to yell at her because she believes that you know you are loved when your family feels free to scream at you.
In “Modern Family” the main relationship type that occurs is family, which is a “relationship characterized by defined roles, recognition of mutual responsibilities, a shared history and future, and shared living space”