Essay about Modern History and early Modern Era

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Between 1450-1750, the Early Modern Era, Spain impacted the Americas by changing the trade between countries, the fall of the Spanish government’s effect on, and the labor relationships when slaves were used, then were not. Whereas the and the tribute system was slightly changed, but the overall idea remained the same. The trade was limited to Spain only, but towards the end of the era, more people joined the trade. The fall of the hold on the Americas by Spain was caused by different rivalries. The labor relationships were changed from slavery, to paid workers. The continuity of the tribute system of using the natives was kept the same because of the labor that each economic work field required. The trade in the Americas was restricted by the Spanish due to their greed for wealth and needs that the Americas provided for. The declination of Spain’s hold on the Incas was a gradual change on the trade because other countries were not restricted to not trading with the Americas. The evidence of the change can be seen starting from the 18th century, when foreign wars, increasing debt, declining population, and internal revolts weakened Spain. Spain’s rivals, France, England, and Holland, were able to reach Spanish-America and soon started their own colonies. The effects were the declining of Spain and the loss of Spain’s monopoly. This step helped other countries advance in their materials and to expand. Examples such as this can be seen throughout the world economy on many trade routes such as the rise and fall of China’s influence on the Silk Road. The fall of the Spanish power on the Americas was not present in the beginning of the era. In the beginning of the era, Spain was the only country to interact with the Americas. The gradual change, connected to the change of trade, was effected by the wars, debt, declination of the population, and revolts. All of these aspects were the reason that Spain’s hold on the Americas declined. The later effects were that Spain would lose of advantage of using America for themselves and the rise of other countries due to the use of the Americas. The Spanish government took advantage of the silver in Peru and used it to improve the Spanish economy, later causing the use of Americas as an advantage to be a constant variable throughout the early modern era. Many empires had declined because of the same issues, however a specific example would be the Mongols in Russia when they at first had a powerful hold on Russia, but was later kicked out. The labor relationships of the Indians in the start of the early modern era was that Indians and Africans were used as slaves in the work fields. The change happened when many people revolted…