Modern Liberalism Essay

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Modern Liberalism

By: Harinder Sandhu

War Measures Act.
• The war measures act was a federal statue adopted by the
Canadian government, after the World War One. This gave power to the Canadian government to make their own decisions during any emergency. This act was only used during wars or emergency it was a sign that Canada has declared war, it allowed the government to bypass parliament in order to do what's necessary for the war.

War Measures Act. Cont.
• The war measures act was founded on August 22 1914 and it has only come into play three times since. First World War,
Second World War and the October crisis. The act was later amended to ensure that when in use of this document, we must no violate the terms of the act and the House of
Commons and the senate must both agree to use the act.

War measures Act. Today
• Its has been over 101 years since the act was established.
The Act can still be put into use if an emergency arises, but its considered that the government will not go that far. I believe this issue does not contribute to civil disobedience because it can by pass all laws to do what's right for the people. This act is intact for the welfare of its citizens.

War Measures Act. Liberalism
• This topic is a challenge to liberalism because liberals support free, fair elections, civil rights and freedom. This act violate their belief's because the government is making a big decision for the country without discussing with their citizens. Liberalism will act to not support the deal because it disregards their rights and freedoms.

Patriot Act
• The patriot act. was founded on
October 26, 2001, by George W. Bush.
Its goals are to strengthen domestic security and broaden the powers of law-enforcement agencies with regards to identifying and stopping terrorists.
The act allows law enforcement to use surveillance against more crimes of terror, law enforcement to conduct investigations without notifying terrorists.

Current Patriot Act.
• The patriot act is still in full intact today and looks to keep going. The patriot act has been extended for four more years by president Barrack Obama in 2011, to keep investigations for terrorist activity. This issue majorly contribute to civil disobedience because it disregards personal space, wrongly accusation, freedom and basic human rights.

Patriot Act. Liberalism
• This is a big challenge to liberalism because this bill does not give personal freedom to any individual living in U.S.A. This bill allows any member of the government to come to your house and search you even if you are not guilty. This bill violates the personal rights of American citizens because now there is more security and if you look like a middle east descendant, you will be automatically searched due to suspicions. Modern liberalists will not agree to this bill but cannot do much because the government states its for the welfare and protection of the citizens.

• It’s the use of violence carried out by a group of people who are looking to achieve or gain political intimidation.
Terrorist attacks can happen anywhere and anytime because terrorist don’t worry for their life, they look for revenge or just destruction. Some examples of terrorist attacks were 9-11 in U.S., Mumbai and Bombay explosions, Afghanistan with Taliban's and etc.