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Which post WWII president best exemplifies the modern president?

Recently in the United States, politics has been greatly effected by ever changing technologies. This has been more noticeable as the country grows. Modern presidents shape national opinion to get congress to pass laws. With national opinion putting pressure on congress in regards to a particular issue, it increases the chances of members in congress to back a particular issue. Modern presidents have a advantage to older presidents as they have the mass media more at their disposal which they can in turn use to put themselves in the center of national policymaking.

John F. Kennedy is a good example of a modern president. He was president from 1961 to his death in 1963. As the youngest president to be elected to office, he has successfully used tactics of a modern president to allow his agenda's to pass. Some of the events during his presidency were the pushing of the civil right movement, containing the Russian nuclear threat, and further advancement of NASA (man on the moon by the end of the decade). These are withheld as some of Kennedy's most important accomplishments which reflect the attributes of the modern president.

During and around the term served by JFK, there was a great inequality fueled by racial discrimination. Kennedy was a strong supporter for civil rights. He gave a civil rights address on radio and national television showing his support for civil right legislation. This addressed issues such as voting rights and equal access to public schools, among other issues. This helped spike pubic opinion regarding these movements and he used his public appearance to help sway the national opinion regarding this matter. After this speech was given, his proposals became part of the Civil Right Act of 1964. During the Cuba Missile Crisis, Russia decided to put soviet nuclear missiles on Cuba to keep the U.S. from attacking. Construction on these missiles started but were soon taken down and sent back to Russia after negotiations with Russia regarding the issue. During this time period press conferences were publicized which also helped lead the country in this direction. During the presidency prior to Kennedy's, NASA…