Modern Representation Of Hamlet

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In the world of the Renaissance there was a man, named Shakespeare, who created spectacular plays to entertain the public audience that he knew. Throughout time however, these plays have been altered in several different ways to relate to the modern population.
The dialogue, setting and even some of the outfits worn by actors have been transposed into modern versions. There have been several recreations of Shakespeare's plays but focus is pointed to one newer rendition of Hamlet, act III scene IV, of which has been mended into a modern version to fit our common public's eye. There have been many changes made to relate to the modern audience. Shakespeare plays appealed to just about anybody who had the opportunity to attend.
While some patrons were richer than others and could afford better seating, nobody seemed to care about that as long as they could witness one of Shakespeare's famous plays. This form of entertainment is today's equivalent of going to a concert or a movie. Now, in today's time, the audience the creators of the new renditions have targeted have changed in many ways but it still remains similar. The audience targeted seems to be that who enjoy
Shakespeare plays, obviously, but to broaden the range of people there have been modern twists put onto version to appeal to the vast majority. So now instead of just calling attention to the theatre junkies, the plays have been twisted to call attention to a wider spectrum of people. A vast majority of Hamlet takes place in a fictional castle named Royal Castle in
Elsinore, Denmark. The video recreation that was made seemed to strive to grasp the same effect of being inside a castle, standing right next to the quarreling characters were several guards in suits of armor. There were tall columns that perturbed out of the ground at the entrance. It came to my surprise though, that there was no modern technology present. The hall was lit with candles, which would've been the method in which would've been used centuries ago. It seems as if the producer of the recreation was trying to put an new twist on an old play or vise versa. They do this by combining aspects of new and old to create a