Modernization In The Odyssey

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How did the events get modernized through Perseus to Percy? The first piece of text is "Perseus bid his mother good-by and set out to search for Medusa. ”(D'aulaires, pg 117) This supports how the events got modernized is because in Chapter 2 of the hero's journey they are called to adventure well Perseus had to leave to go kill Medusa for return and he had no other choice because he was too poor.. My second evidence is that “Percy was called into action by monster attacking him because he had the lightning bolt”(Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief)This supports because chapter 2 is when you get called into adventure well instead of doing a favor like how Perseus did they changed it up and the monsters started to attack him because he had …show more content…
The first piece of text is “The thunder-god spied the lonesome maiden through the opening in the roof, and in the shape of a golden shower he descended to her.”(D'aulaires, pg 115)This shows that it is monderized from the archetypes because one of them is unusual circumstances of birth well Perseus was born by a golden shower so the modernized it from being born from a golden shower to being the father of Poseidon. My second piece of text is that in percy jackson he is the misfit because he thinks that he has a reading problem but it's actually because the english turns it into greek. (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) This is modernized because Percy thinks he has a reading problem but that is part of the power he has. My last piece of text is “Looking into the mirroring shield, Perseus swooped down, and with one deft stroke he cut off the Medusa’s head”(D'aulaires, pg 118) This shows how it got modernized because Perseus because he killed medusa and everybody that has gone to kill her has died and in the movie Percy he kills medusa so they are the Perfect Hero. In conclusion that is how the archetypes and the hero types are