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Modified Lesson Plan
Chaunth R. Parson

Dr. Shannon Riley

For this assignment I chose to use my instructional module for the previous course in this program. In the instructional module the goal of the course is for the student to acquire the basic knowledge of an emergency medical technician. The learning context, training strategies, and implementation of the module will be modified through this presentation. The two modifications that can be made to the context to be learned is that I can remove the simulation trucks and allow the students to use practice dummies and each other, and also have this take place during each class session instead of twice a week. The reason for the two modifications is because they can be altered without changing the text of the course. EMT is an applied health course, which means the students must have hands on experience during the training for the course. The students do not have to have the actual trucks in order to learn about the equipment that is used for the procedures and processes of a medical technician. Becoming an emergency medical technician requires knowledge of basic life support techniques and procedures involving medical equipment. There does not have to be an actual truck for the students to learn to operate on the truck. With all the equipment found in the classroom today and technology, there will be great possibilities with the modifications. The students will receive more experiential learning by working closely with their classmates; which will assist in the learning process of the proper usage of equipment and accurate procedures.
The next modifications to be made in this instructional module will be that of the instructional strategies used to teach the context. The instructional strategies for this course would be changed to student-centered learning and direct instruction. With the modifications in place the students will engage more activities from the instructor. The instructor will assist the students in their learning process by participating when necessary in their projects and assignments. There will be direct instruction as for lectures, step-by-step instruction and how to procedures followed through in the process of learning in this course. The students will demonstrate daily what they are learning and what they have comprehended from the assignments given in class. The instructor will give handouts and research assignments to be completed with the technology in the classrooms and groups will conduct the assignments in a project manner or fashion. Using the modifications to the instructional strategies does not interfere with the learning context of this module and still allows the lesson to be implemented in a fashion for the students to acquire the knowledge of the procedures and equipment used.
The next modifications to be given thought for this instructional module would be that of the end result of the instructional plan. The end product used to test the knowledge and skills acquired in this course can be altered in some form. The exam that is created to test the terminology can be established as short-answer and fill in the blank instead of multiple choice and true/false questions. The examination however is required to have some form of assessment to show that the learner has acquired the terminology of equipment and procedures used in this course. There is no modification for the physical examination at the end of the course. There has to be an examination that shows the learner has acquired the knowledge of basic life support and can follow through with the procedures in an emergency situation. There must be a physical portion where the learner must demonstrate the proper CPR procedure and also name the equipment being used. In this profession, the wrong name or initials of equipment or medicine can cost a person their life, so proper usage is important in this field.
Finally, the last modifications to be made to this