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Errors and Compliance in Coding
Lyndeey Hoffman
Lisa Ellis

Errors and Compliance in Coding In the paragraph I’m going to present to you some things that could happen during the coding and billing process. All types of health claims are often rejected or sometimes people write down the wrong code because sometimes people can’t read other peoples writing so it causes mistakes with coding errors and it causes errors that are related to billing. The claims that are denied that claim have some type of health care requirements that are usually rejected for this reason the reported services are not reliable enough when it comes to their diagnosis or another reason could be the claims do not meet or accepted by the health care standards.

Any type of claims that have coding errors could be caused by someone shorting the coding. What I mean by this is people are billed something with not enough diagnosis codes information. Another way people can be billed is by a code that does not look right what I mean by this is maybe a person’s age or some along the lines do not match up that they are trying to bill. These are some general billing errors that could happen when used these modifier are used the wrong way. Here are some major strategies to ensure the billing coding process is being looked over and define by a lot of codes and knowing a large periods of time Also knowing the EM codes with the national averages is a good thing . Another major thing to do is to stay up with ongoing coding and billing education. Next is to be on professional have excellence manners when comes patients and also try to work with uninsured/low-income patients, maintain meeting the requirements for within this job references…