Similarities Between Virginia And Massachusetts

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Carman Bowles
His 131-401
Module 1
Question 4:
The early settlements of the Massachusetts and Virginia Companies were both established by the similar groups of people; however their differing beginnings as a colony, views on religion, and means of economic stability created two different politics and economic systems. In 1629 English Puritans obtained a royal charter for the Massachusetts Bay Company. This charter was led by Governor John Winthrop. The Virginia Company was formed with a charter from King James I in 1606. The Company was a joint stock corporation changed with the settlement of Virginia. The Virginia Company had many failures and close call, while Massachusetts had a successful first settlement; smart planning and great decisions regarding food made this possible. A lot of the Virginia Company’s problem came from their relationship with the natives; Massachusetts learned the best ways to survive in the area by watching and interacting with the natives. The Virginia and Massachusetts Companies both realized that they would need to have a strong economic system, but their views on religion versus profit differed and resulted in different systems. The Puritans believed in moral self-restraint and no need for “excessive” profits; Virginia had problems with embezzling, overcharging, and the use of company laborers.

Question 6:
When France, Spain, and Britain went to war for ownership of the new land after 1689, the Spanish and French simply fought to survive and keep the land they had already settled,