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The main campus library provides numerous academic support services sponsored by such sources as government funded agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the campus administration. We want your college experience to be invigorating and fulfilling, and to that end we will help fulfill your needs – whether they are academic or personal in nature. In addition to the services offered at the main library, our computation center also offers services for research, instructional computing, and networking among other benefits such as consulting support, short courses, and even discounts on computing merchandise. Accounts for our on­campus network are also available at the computation center.

On­Campus Academic Services
The Library offers a broad array of sophisticated research materials in a friendly environment. Our collection consists of over 4 million items, with 1.9 million books and bound series,
2.5 million microforms, 125 thousand maps, as well as extensive holdings of manuscripts, films, government publications, and many archival and audio­visual materials.

Additional Services
There is still more that makes the library an invaluable source and a precious stock of information and facts: 1. ACCESS, the Libraries online information system, provides access to the local on­line catalog [LCATs], which contains records for 80% of the book collection, all catalogued series, as well as selected indexing and abstracting databases. ACCESS is available on­campus through the campus network or off­campus through the Internet, or by dial­up access from a personal computer with a modem and communications software. 2. The library’s reference services provide access to more then 800 different online databases containing valuable information. Numerous online indexing and abstracting services are also available through computer CD­ROM workstations and through commercial services.

. Branch facilities within the library system include the
Law and Med libraries and three reading rooms in the field of dentistry, physical sciences, and business.

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4. The Library Media Center is uniquely designed for a wide variety of course­related media materials. Housing 88 multimedia study corrals and 22 audio stations, the center offers both direct playback and remote broadcasting capability.
. A collection of 2,000 journals offers major emphasis in the arts. 6. The Interlibrary Loan Office provides access to a national network of libraries and commercial document suppliers. Loans and photocopies are also sent and received on an international basis. The department is at the back of the library (across from the men’s room).
Interlibrary Loan Office processes 10,000 loans and 50,000 lending requests per year.
The library also has a Special Collections Department that has rare books and is the home of several national archives.
The college library has a limited number of research studies available for faculty, graduate students, and professional & scientific staff. These positions are intended for research and/or other scholarly activities that require materials, and are normally assigned one semester at a time.

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Andre Meireles
Group 1
Module 10 My group, Group 1, completed Module 10 in a very fast and efficient manner. There was not a hint of bad attitude coming from anyone, and there were no conflicts to be solved. Therefore, I will be focusing this report on how the work for Module 10 was divided among the four members of the group. For almost the entire duration of our work on Module 10, we met online using Google Docs, a