Module 2 DQ1 and DQ2 Essay

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Module 2 DQ1 Doctoral learners/researchers must become information-literate individuals that are able to identify, locate, evaluate, organize, and communicate regarding research sources and materials. The evaluation component of information literacy includes considering the article's accuracy, objectivity, currency, authority, and relevance. Why is the skill of evaluation important for doctoral learners/researchers?
In order to be an academia researcher into a particular field one must be able to gather and identify materials that are appropriate to what they are researching and what they are trying to prove or to disprove. It is imperative for the doctoral learner to be able to locate the needed information and be able to organize it
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Pyrczak, F., & Bruce, R. R. (2005). Evaluating research in academic journals: A practical guide to realistic evaluation. Pyrczak Pub.

Module 2 DQ2 Doctoral learners will have to access and use varied forms of academic literature to conduct research, but learners must be able to evaluate and understand the quality of the resources. Four of the most popular academic resource databases are ProQuest, Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), PsychINFO, and Google Scholar. Compared to resources to the first three databases, is Google Scholar a valid for resource for doctoral research? Why or why not?
ProQuest, Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), PsychINFO, and Google Scholar are all resources available to the doctoral learner so that they will be able to have many resources for their research. There are thousands upon thousands of articles and research papers by many different researchers in many different fields of study. Each of these databases have articles that are written by published researchers so we know that this information is valid and something that is of importance to the research community. Google Scholar is a very large database of scholarly research that is available for easy searching of data and past research in given fields. They have peer reviewed journals by people from across the