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Trace Meshberg
Module two: text questions

Review Questions

1. Popular music is named so because it appeals to a wide audience, rather than a small group. It often seems to mimic popular trends in society, rather than creating them. It often also encourages dancing or movement.

2. Pop music often has a theme that involves love or relationships, or even current events. One song that comes to mind is the Beatles' song, Love me Do, which talks about this theme. This theme is popular because no matter who you are you can relate to talks of relationships or love because every one has experienced it.

3. Disco was a style of music formed in the 1970s that mixed extreme vocals with a beat that encourage someone to dance.

4. The British invasion was when popular British artists and groups came to the United States to preform and tour. Some Famous groups that were apart of the British invasion were the Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Critical Thinking Questions

1.Just like the 1960s. Many artists still write music to protest social and political issues. I believe its still used for protested because its an easy way to get a message across. Many people can hear it, and if it is catchy people will remember it.

2. I think in many cases, music has become too commercialized. It seems today that many artists have to bend a knee to their record dealer, so I feel that music has lost a lot of its deeper meaning and lost the emotion that was put into it when artists used to write songs about things they cared about. I feel that many, but not all, artists have be creating music for their wealth rather that communicating a messages in the last few years as well.

3. Technology has greatly impacted pop music today. Thee examples of