Module 2 Thematic Essay

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Judith Pinesett
Grand Canyon University: EED 364

The science lesson plan that I have observed was on the behavior of light. The teacher integrated the following concepts in her lesson plan the first one was reading. She provided the students with text book reading to observe and read in their textbooks on the behavior of light.
The textbook study that the teacher provided to the students was that light has other properties that make it fun and enjoying to learn about. She also provided the students with the following information that light has waves that will bounce off any object and that is called a reflection. She also allowed the students to understand the concepts of reflection of the light that is seen when you look at your reflection in the mirror or in the sky, and clouds. I also observed other examples that she used and provided to help the students gain a good understanding such as light waves can also refract and that light bounces off shiny surfaces such as water and mirror glasses. She also integrated writing materials such as vocabulary and definitions on the following words so that the students can understand each process. Wavelength, Light energy, Refraction, Light speed, Wave, Photon, Prism, Polarization, and Electromagnetic spectrum. Math was integrated in the following activity the teacher provided the students with prediction sheets to record their own prediction on whether or not the objects that are provided will reflect or absorb light. She then gave the students 5 minutes to make their predictions after pairing them off into pairs of boy and girl giving them one flashlight for each of the groups. The students than test each of the items deciding if they reflect the light or absorb the white light along with allowing 2 minutes to test each item.
Technology was also explored and integrated into her lesson plan using internet access, computer lab, flashlights small and large groups, overhead screen and Microsoft PowerPoint. She used the following supplies and handouts pictures, mirror, frame, foil, worksheet, photo, flashlight, prediction sheet, drinking glass filled with water, notebook paper, and science journal.
The science standards used are International Society for Technology in Education the students were able to demonstrate creative thinking, develop innovative products and processes using technology, and construct knowledge. The students applied their existing knowledge to explore and generate ideas, and processes. National Science Education Standard B the students are able to demonstrate and understand the concept of light.
The following assessment types that she used are informal the teacher assessed the students participation in completing each of the activities. Formal the students where places into groups of boy girl and where directed to report to the computer lab where they access Microsoft PowerPoint to complete their slides which consist of light reflection and light absorption.
The teacher also included differentiated instruction in her lesson I observed how she provided other materials to support their readiness, skill levels, interests and different learning styles. She used a lot of pre-teaching and re-teaching and provided those students with other avenues such as graphic organizers, maps, diagrams and charts. To me the following unit was successful because the teachers provided and consider several of the factors when planning her lesson. The student’s knowledge about the topic was considered along with literacy abilities and interest considerations for instructional decision making to best help and meets the needs of the students learning. Time allocations along with the student’s experiences are used and consider as materials that are covered in content teaching. Literacy strategies where applied to ensure students differences and experiences are recognized and not taking advantage of in supporting the lesson and the planning of activities for learning in