Module 3 Essay 1

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Christin Ward
Module 3
Essay 1
The Systems & Language Skills of English (I went to London; I’ve been to London); (Foot; foots) are both Grammar systems because of the verb tense used. (Lend me $5. Could you possibly lend me $5?); (I’d rather not; no way); (Should; must) would each be Function. Each group communicates a particular purpose. (Library; bookstore); (Photograph; photographer) are both Lexis or Vocabulary (Hit; heat) Lastly is Phonology because of the similar sounds. If I were teaching in a language school and received a new student from Korea who scored well on the placement test consisting of vocabulary and grammar but learned she had difficulty speaking as well as understanding or listening I would try to cover all the basics so that she wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and could learn as much as possible, yet not setting back the other students, for them it would be a review. We would cover both the Repetitive and Productive skills since she has some strength and weaknesses in both these areas. Being that a multiple choice test was her only assessment I would try to test her knowledge in different ways. Not all students have the same test taking abilities as others. I would closely monitor her understanding and use of the English language in class. I would stress speaking skills, the types, accents, body gestures, pronunciation, each be key components. There would be little need to emphasize on grammar or vocabulary so I would not spend much time there. We would practice listening for sounds, pronunciations and differentiating between similar sounding words. Considering she is preparing for further education in an American University the content would focus on skills like note taking, writing essay, reports and so forth. Reading would also be a very important part of the learning experience. ‘No one skill or system is ever taught separately. They are all bound up together in an integrated lesson in the language classroom as they are in any natural usage of the language. It may be a different combination and there may be a focus of one more than another, speaking over grammar and writing, for example, but sooner or later you will touch upon them all in order to make a clear presentation for your students.’ (web). I would try to connect each skill in such a way that would hopefully enable her in taking notes for assignment and exams, interacting with students and teachers as well as understanding lectures, discussions and participating in discussions, and reading will offer her extensive knowledge that would be most beneficial. Along with teaching new skills I would reinforce mentioned listening skills and would