Module 3 MMGP Market Analysis Essay

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Shannon E. Evans
Liberty University
Dr. Brooke Quigg
BUSI 520 B02 MMGP Market Analysis
Apple Inc. Marketing Strategy: A Focus on Emotions

Apple Inc. utilizes the Apple brand to contend across several extremely competitive markets. Apple's brand has progressed as it has stretched its variety of products and services. Apple possesses a branding strategy that places emphasis on emotions. One cannot help but to consider how an Apple product makes them feel. Apple’s brand character is about lifestyle; creativity; freedom regained; originality; desire; confidences, imaginings and ambitions; and cutting-edge technology. Its character is also about effortlessness and the elimination of intricacy from people's lives; people-driven product design; and essentially about being a down-to-earth company with a genuine relationship with its consumers. Consumer response is not all perceptive and logical; much may be emotional and summon dissimilar kinds of feelings. A brand or product may make a consumer feel pleased, motivated, or confident. Apple may consider the following when creating its marketing strategy: Who buys our products? Who or what influences the decision to purchase our product? What needs must be satisfied? Why do consumers buy a particular brand? How do consumers distinguish our product? What are consumers’ insolences toward our product? What social factors might influence the purchase decision? Do consumers’ lifestyles impact their decisions?
A Sense of Urgency
An exclusiveness technique works by making the suitable group of consumers feel extraordinary. This generates an enhanced consumer business relationship and is confirmed to grow brand loyalty. In lieu of creating a special offer exclusive, Apple made an exclusive iPhone product variety. Apple’s form of this exclusiveness technique not only gave a feeling of superiority for newfound iPhone owners but a feeling of envy in those that desired one and could not obtain one at the moment. Such sentiments created a determination to get an iPhone, nearly as a means of rewarding themselves for denial on an emotional level.

Interestingly enough, Apple’s exclusive technique is that it forms two contrasting crowds within society (those with an Apple product and those without) and it breeds conflict. The conflict is expressed through many social channels (online blogs, social media sites, commercial ads). Such activity deliberately provoked hearsay and disputes about Apple’s method of breeding and welcoming uninhibited publicity. It is what keeps the attention resolutely on Apple products and makes it a continually popular subject. Word of mouth has been acknowledged as the most effectual method of advertising for any product or service mainly due to the honesty and non-commercial intent. Also, forums and blog sites have developed into the modern source for word of mouth as Apple acknowledged this and capitalized on it without hesitation.
Emotion and the Consumer
In the territory of consumer product marketing, there is a reputable and reliable connection between the emotional impact of Apple’s message and the demand for its products. While useful, fact-based standards evidently effect decision-making, it is similarly factual that the variance in sales between opposing products is intensely persuaded by very biased