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Music Differences, Young and Old

All types of music tend to tell a story. Sometimes the stories are happy and sometimes they are heartbreaking, and sometimes they just want to make you stand up and cut a rug. Personally, I listen to all types of music, but I find that rap music and country music are my go to genres that keep me listening to the radio all day long. One could describe the two with this simple definition; country music comes from the country, and rap comes from the city. There are countless differences between the two genres from the dances performed to the venue, but there are also quite a few similarities as well. I think that the first thing that comes to mind are the instruments used in both types of music. In country music, I always notice that guitars and drums seem to be in so many songs. I believe that when people think of country music they think a guitar is a must. However, when it comes to rap music most people associate a disc jockey spinning records. Both of these statements are true in most scenarios, but they also use many other instruments to create music in both genres. They also use some of the same instruments such as a keyboard, drums, and bass guitar. The next thing that I would like to compare is the age of the crowds. A lot of people of all ages listen to country music whether it is an old country or new age country. But, it seems that the case may be entirely different for the rap community. For instance, my grandmother enjoys listening to music by George Jones, but has no idea who Lil’ Wayne or Tupac are as artists. I think that there is definite generational gap when it comes to these two genres of music. Lastly, I think that concerts held by artists of these genres have so much in common, but are so different at the same time. When you go to a country music concert, it