Module 3 Reflection Essay

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The reading was good to learn about Native American Culture. The information and comparison between the dominant culture and Native American culture on page 4 in table 4 was very beneficial to learn. I did not realize that Native Americans valued humor so much, or that they only keep what they need, and share everything. I am part of a culture that wants excess material wealth, and am a matter of fact and down to business type, using humor only in limited settings where I believe it is appropriate. My thoughts are that we as social workers must learn the culture of the Native Americans before we can even begin to consider our work with them effective. We must interact with tribal members and take opportunities to learn as much as we can, while simultaneously learn about our own culture. In regard to conducting research on Native Americans, I found it very interesting to learn that most do not want anyone but another Native American to perform the research. It appears as though they are skeptical about outsiders. I feel this is a contradiction to what would be an outsiders attempt at becoming more culturally responsive to culture. Do Native Americans not want to learn about other cultures as well? Have they experienced so much historical trauma that they cannot allow themselves to become responsive to the dominant culture? Those are the questions I have in the back of my mind while reading this. I do though, however recognize that my ability to become culturally responsive…