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Module 8: Collecting HR Research Data
1. Describe an attendance issue that you have observed in the HR (workforce behaviour).
An attendance issue that I have noticed in the past is that employees engaged in taking sick days in excess of their allowable sick days. Because employees are allowed paid sick days off in a calendar year, employees who take sick days in excess of their allowable sick days would lower productivity and lower the morale of the department and the workforce as a whole.
2. Identify some possible reasons and describe how it can be corrected (use common sense and technical knowledge).
Some possible reasons to the attendance issue could be that the employee does not have a sense of job satisfaction. Since the nature of the work is very routine and repetitive which involves heavy data entry and simple computations, the job tasks are not diverse and could lead to employees having reduced motivation and are bored by the job responsibilities.
This problem has to be corrected in order for the department to get back to its usual productivity. The Human Resources department can communicate attendance expectations and give support to employees who are unable to work for medical reasons and provide a likely return to work date (if applicable). If there is no medical or justifiable reason for the excessive absenteeism, find a way to drive the employees. Using periodic systematic observation in the form of anonymous standardized surveys can illicit information about