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Module 1: Syllabus
How long do you have to take an E-test? 2 hours
Which of the following is curved? E-tests and the E-final
Final Grades have? Pluses and minuses
If a positive feedback signals reaches the comparator, what occurs? Comparator will turn on the controlled
Where should you go to find updates on the course? Announcements in Bioespresso
Where should you go to access your readings and assignments?
Where do you submit your extra credit paper? Dr. Pozo’s office
A student athlete presents Dr. Pozos with documentation that he had an school-sponsored athletic event and was unable to complete the module. Dr. Pozos opens the emodule for the student and the student forgets to take the emodule a
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All of these (how to detect HGH, detect hormones in animals, automate chemical reaction, detect hormones in general)
One of the wonders in science is the fact that identical twins, although distinct in many ways, share identical biochemical makeup. False
The function of a science teacher is to? Bridge the world between research and the real world
Using logic to arrive at a specific conclusion based on a premise is called: Deductive reasoning
Which of the following is an example of non-scientific medicine? Herbs in tea that are claimed to promote body clensing
(Reference Feedback loop ) Why does the rejection of the proposal initiate the positive feedback loop? Because it requires researchers to do more work on and resubmit the proposal which starts the review process again

Module 3:
Which of the following are the two major functions of all life forms? Reproduction and metabolism
Which of the following dictate the physical and chemical expression of all living beings? Chromosomes
These ____ ions and _____ power your body by producing ATP. Hydrogen; electrons
Within Sally’s body are different chemical reactions taking place. As she eats her cheeseburger and her food is metabolized to maintain her energy, this on-going process will cause a loss of hydrogen ions as well as a loss of electrons. Oxidation
In metabolism, if oxygen accepts an electron, it is considered to be? Reduced
In the case of someone who wants to lose weight,