Molar Volume Essay

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The purpose of this experiment is to study the balloons given by the Res Balloon Store. They have asked us to determine the volume of the balloons, the moles of gas in the balloons, and the number of atoms of gas is the balloons. Also, to determine the mass of the helium inside of the balloon.

Balloon filled with helium
A piece of string
Periodic table

1. First tie down the balloon so it will not fly away. The take the piece of string and wrap it around the center of the balloon.
2. Take the piece of the string of off the balloon and measure the length of the string that was used to measure the circumference in centimeters.
3. Use the circumference that had been calculated, and plug it into the equation C= 2rπ
4. Lastly, use the radius that was calculated and plug it into the last equation V=3/4πr^3 to find the volume of the balloon.
In conclusion, we were able to calculate the volume of the balloon, converting it from inches into liters. We were also able to calculate, because of the volume, the moles of gas, the number of helium atoms and the mass of the gas in the helium. It was a successful experiment but some sources of error were that we might have miscalculated the circumference when measuring the balloon. The method we used could not provide us with an exact measurement. The measurements that were calculated are also not technically correct because we are above sea level making…