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I. Abstract:
Melting Point determination is an important factor in elucidating a substances’ purity. In this experiment the melting points of both pure and mixed ratios of urea and cinnamic acid were determined. Lab groups also determined the melting of an unknown in order to compare with the known and determine its composition. The melting point range determined for the given unknown, #25, was 98 °C-110°C, which is similar to the melting point range of the 50:50 urea/cinnamic acid mixture , 98°C -119°C, determined by another lab group. Due to this connection it was concluded that the composition of unknown #25 was a 50:50 mixture of urea/cinnamic acid.
I. Objective:
The purpose of this experiment is to comprehend the concept of melting points as well as the process to determine a melting point of a substance.
II. Introduction:
The melting point is considered a physical property. It is very important in determining the identity and purification of a compound. It is a very convenient process, considering you only need a small sample of the compound⎯ less than 1mg⎯ to undergo determination. The melting point itself is the temperature, or amount of heat/ kinetic energy, required to transcend and break the intermolecular forces of the molecule and at this point the solid and liquid phases of the substance are in equilibrium. In terms of organic molecules the melting point can be described as a range of temperatures differing between 1-2°C. The starting point temperature…