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I attended the Gallery of School of Arts and Design at Texas State University, on September 16 at 11:00 a.m. called The Bearden Project. As I approached Robert Pruitt painting called the “Conjuring Woman”, I noticed that it was filled with dark shadows and was a 2D drawing. The drawing had a sort of cool and warm colors. The background caught my eye with a cool color which was a low toned yellow and the rest of the drawing was built off of warm colors and dark shadows he created in her face and body features. With all the features it had I concluded to the fact that this drawing was dry media. It had a charcoal feel to it using harder lines in some areas and softer in others.
This picture came from many emotions that grew from politics and race from black artist from back in the day. The artist explains this when telling where the inspiration of this piece came from. Robert Pruitt stated, “I am personally fond of: AfriCOBRA, the Black Arts Movement, the AACM.” He wanted to support that art movement of African Americans from past artist and he created his own version of the art. The main focal point of the drawing was centered on an African American women with a long object connected to her head. It was laid out in two different picture frames. The bottom one centered the picture of the women turned sideways with a stern face. The face seems to speak to the audience because she has no emotion on it as if she had a purpose or goal in life and she was heading for it. Her clothes define what a lower class African American women wore back in the day, so he impersonated her not to come from a lot of wealth.
The way I interpreted the next part of the drawing was the how the mind of hers was full of intelligence and with a mind full of energy. It seems to be a an electric source that he