Momma Made Me Go Essay

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Momma Made me Go
Francisca Portes
Ivy Tech Community College
ENG 111 – 22A
N. M. Palmer
September 2, 2014

Momma Made me Go

Man, it was so cold outside and I had the worst attitude in the world after she got off that phone call and Julie already knew why. No need to ask, she was already tuned in to my feelings bout' that hot mess of a boyfriend she had. In order to explain this story you need to understand why I didn't like him. Walking to the store that night made it all clear to me after the ambulance drove us off the scene. Blood shot red eyes is all I can remember oh and my mom screaming " WHY, WHY, WHY MY BABY." That was the last thing I heard until we got to the hospital. The hours before everything are something I never wished happened though.
His name was even evil to me so as a joke I called home "El Diablo!" My mom thought that was funny but I thought that was the name his parents should have given him. As I was looking down walking to the gas station all I can hear my mom say is "Hurry back so y"all can eat and go to bed and Julia don't have my baby around that boy!" Its like it went from one ear outside the other because as soon as we walked out the door she was on the phone with him. I could hear them talking about where we where going and I just started dragging my feet be hide my older sister Julie so that I wouldn't have to hear his ugly voice. As we got closer I heard Julie say, " I'm around the corner, be there in less than 3 minuets." I knew no good would come from these two together but I held my mouth closed and continued to walk with my head down. Julie's phone rang one last time before everything happened. It was my momma, I heard her asked if we were there yet because she wanted us to hurry back it was already late and I had school in the morning. Julie lied as always and told her that there was wait is long, long line because the gas station ATM was out of order. Man I should have told my mom about him coming up there but I couldn't, that would be me betraying my sister and I loved her and followed her way to much to do that. Finally we walked in the gas station, I was a little happy because I didn’t see his rusty, blue car. As I was in the back I heard Julie yell " Kitty, I’ ma be outside with Jamie just come out when your done." I just looked her way and say ok and looked down. At the hospital I remember the police asking my mom a lot of questions "How did they know each other, where were his parents, could they talk to me?" In my head I prayed she say no, because I was scared, I didn't know anything just remember coming out after a big bang sound went off and people screaming. I picked up a 99 cent orange pop, that was my favorite pop in the whole wide world then all of a sudden a heard a loud bang sound from outside as I ran to check if it was a car accident I seen it, Julie on the floor and Jamie in a big pile of blood in his