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English 096-
Terry Benjamin Mommy Accept Me for Me In your house I’m your daughter outside I’m a stranger to the person who nourished me to be who I am today. I love you because you are my mom and you were there for me through thick and thin. What I don’t understand is that you raised me to be anything I want to be in life. You always told me not to be a follower be a leader to portray my own dreams and not someone else’s. On that note I went to school and did excellent I made you proud to be a mom, especially to be Rashonda McCrae’s mother. You came to my games to support me, every metal, trophy, certificate and banner I received you showed it off and was proud of me. I grew up and become more mature, smarter and sharper with every move. I started to explore more to go out on my own and meet a lot of new people. One day I was on Face book and my cousins posted pictures of me and two other girls that I didn’t know. One of the girls looked cool so I started talking to her, she was very friendly. Since that day we have talked everyday nonstop. One day we were on the phone and we were having a deep conversation and she told me that she was a lesbian. Well, okay that took me for a spin but that did not make a difference because all the girls I hang with are either lesbian or bisexual. After a while our conversations got deeper and she would call my house and my mom would answer, everything was just going good. I started to become real comfortable with Ari and I would tell her any and everything. Years went past and I started to feel some type of way when she would call me or text me but I never really paid attention because I was in to boys or so I thought ? When on the phone as usual and she tells me that she likes me. Wow! Surprisingly I said back to her that I like her too. Since that day forth I liked Keeley. She asked me out but I had a boyfriend at the time so she just shied away from me and we stopped communicating. Out of the blue I started missing her. I would day dream about her I would even message her on Face book but for some reason she would not write me back. So this girl named Jhana one of Keeley friends, I asked her had she seen or heard from Keeley and to find out no one has heard or seen her in months. I checked my face book like almost every day just to see if she replied and she did she said she was away and she would respond back to me when she comes back home. So right around Hurricane Sandy we started talking again and on February 14, 2013 she became all mine. I love you so much mom so how do I tell you that I listened to you and actually met new people but I stopped dating boys that hurt me