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Should stay-at-home moms get a salary from the government?

In my opinion I think stay-at-home moms should have a salary because some moms cannot find jobs, some people won’t give stay-at-home moms jobs, because of the certain qualifications that they need to have a job, or they have done something in their past that will not allow to let them have a job. The reason that they should is because some mothers do not have anybody to help them out or to take care of her kids or nothing at all. There is of course down falls of giving stay-at-home moms a salary because then some other mothers that do have jobs would probably quit their jobs just to stay home and basically do nothing. If the government does do this they should only give them a certain amount to cover food, shelter, clothes, and necessity money each month like what they do with Welfare and Medicaid but also some mothers cannot apply for Medicaid or Welfare, that is another reason why they should have some government help.

There are many who do say that this should not happen because there are tons of jobs out there and that it costs too much to keep a family fed and housed but they do not get the point because people who say this are people who don’t have a heart and should look for one because people need help but like, I said people do not want to give it to them because it would take away maybe from their time when these people would spend all of their time to please these kinds of people. They need to open their eyes and their hearts and realize what these people are going through.

Being a mother is the hardest job in the whole wide world and it is the most amazing job in the whole wide world. I may not be a mother and thank God that I am not because I am 16 and of course I am WAY too young to be a mother at this young in age. I got things to do for myself first but anyways I have read enough stories, heard enough, and seen enough to know that it is a hard and amazing job, because in my opinion it’s the only job that will change your life FOREVER because this baby comes from you it is your blood and it does have your resemblance. The reason that this job is so difficult is because of the money issues the sleepless nights having to feed them constantly changing diapers throw up and that’s only the beginning once the baby starts getting older it does become even harder because that is when they start to talk and try to talk and walk and everything and once they start doing that they will give you a head ache they will hurt you and you will be in pain.

I may not know what it feels like and I really do not want to know until I am ready to have children but when I was 6 years old my mom had my little brother and I lived in a family who made babies 24/7 and I still remember my mom being tired and in pain and needing help and my cousins and my aunts and everybody else who was family friends having kids I seen what they did and its tuff because the whole time you do need to pay attention to your child. Some people don’t know what they are getting themselves into because they think that once they are 18 they will leave, but then you will miss them like crazy and you would want your babies to move back in with you or at least move close by to you so they can annoy you.

I really do hope that the government is looking into this because it would be an amazing idea and thing to do because many do not understand the troubles that a lot of these mothers go through and also there is stay-at-home dads not just the mothers the dads are rare because most men do not want to deal with a child they want to do more things and they want to live their live’s and then the girls are the ones that do get stuck with the child because the men say it is their responsibility, well at least that’s how my mom’s ex-boyfriend basically raised me as that it’s the woman’s responsibility that the men are supposed to be the ones who provide and that the woman are supposed to cater to