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English Class English Essay for House of the Scorpion

For my essay the question I chose was, "if I had to choose a bodyguard, Daft Donald or Tam Lin, who would I choose?" They were both very good bodyguards obviously if El Patron had trusted them to watch over Matt and himself. A bodyguard should really care about you and be willing to put their whole life on the line for you in order to protect you, and make sure you're safe. Daft Donald was a mute so that has some cons to him being your bodyguard but Tam Lin was scary, big, and tough. Tam Lin was bigger scarier and tougher than Donald but he also had a warm heart too. He felt so bad for killing all the schoolchildren but he was still tough when he needed to be For Matt and all the other people he protected. Matt was taught so many things by Tam Lin that helped him so much when he was escaping Opium If Daft Donald was Matt's bodyguard we have no idea if the whole plot would have been completely different. He most likely wouldn't have shown Matt the oasis like Tam Lin had done. He also wouldn't have given Matt the supplies he needed to escape when he needed to get out of opium. If Tam Lin didn't care about Matt, He wouldn't have given him the supplies he needed to get out of opium and Matt would have either died or been turned into an eejit because of El Patron. Of course Daft Donald always means well and is a very nice person, But I think I would just rather have Tan Lin as a bodyguard because he seems like an easier person to get close to because you can talk to him. Daft Donald is a mute and of course it isn't his fault but he can't help it and what is done is already done and cannot be fixed. In the end I think I would