Monetary Policy and Beige Book Essay

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A report which is published every six weeks to provide investors a summary of the United States’ economic status. National and international investors alike, use the information in the Beige Book to determine whether or not an investment is worth the risk. One can view the opinions of key contacts from several major businesses, economists, marketing experts; a commentary compiled by the Federal Reserve District. The Federal Reserve District is made up of twelve Districts: Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Kansas City, New York, Richmond, St. Louis, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and San Francisco. Topics include consumer spending and tourism, real estate and construction, banking and finance, agriculture, retail, and employment, as pertaining to the districts’ goods and services. For example, freight transportation services information provided by the Cleveland District is not to compare to the rich retail sales of the Philadelphia District.
Investors draw a logic and conclude intuitively from data reports such as the initial and continuing claims reports.
The Beige Book instigates discussions about ecommerce and retail and manufacturing productivity. Allowing investors to look to the future and almost predict what the economic impact of the current changes in the market. For example, Hurricane Sandy had an economic impact in the retail sales, commercial real estate, and general services, such as tourism and casinos as well as local businesses in the Philadelphia District.
The Federal Open Market Committee meet each six weeks a year to review the condition of the U.S. economy. They make decisions on what, if any, action is to be undertaken to alleviate any prospective or current economic problems, or decide on the monetary policy effectively involved to improve the current condition. Tools used control the monetary policy are the operations of the open market, the reserve requirements, and the discount rate. The Beige report is a