Money and Countries Unemployment Rate Essay

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1. Planning for retirement can make for a better and easy future, it will also help you learn how to make investments and save money. You can also create a budget, creating a budget will help you to not spend more money than you have. Creating a budget will also help you stay out of debt.
2. Clothes & furniture
3. Oil change & house cleaning
4. Inflation causes a dollar to loose purchasing power. Inflation causes the dollar to be worth less than what it was worth before. We can't buy as much with the dollar during times of inflation.
5. I would like to move to New Zealand, I am researching job and things about the area. I would look at the countries unemployment rate, this would help me see the chances of me getting a job out there. What is the cost of living relative to wages? If wages are lower than the cost of living, then you don't want to live in that country. If wages are high relative to the cost of living, then you may want to move to that country. Also Is the economy strong enough to have foreigners?
6. I think the best economic system is mixed. Mixed contains both privately-owned and state-owned enterprises. It gives people the right to what they want and also the gov't to be involved. The gov't can intervene to make sure that the companies don't harm the customers. It like checks and balances, it keeps everything evened out.
7. According to me all business definitely have a profit motive excepting that case there should be a cap on profit margins in the best interests of the customers so that both firm and the customer benefit in a long run... profit motive drives the firms to align their offering in line with the customer requirements and provide